PowerPoint 2016 Advanced


PowerPoint 2016 Advanced course is a visual and graphical application, primarily used for creating presentations. With PowerPoint, users can create, view, and present slide shows that combine text, shapes, pictures, graphs, animation, charts, videos, and much more. PowerPoint is a standard for business people of all types as anyone who needs to make a presentation needs to know how to effectively use this software.

Social Media Strategist

Social Media Strategist

Social Media Strategist are experts at managing online communities. Understand how to identify target users who might be interested in a particular product or service, and detail ways for businesses to reach those users.  You will learn about the rise of social media, conducting and auditing market analysis, setting goals and selecting platforms, creating the social media policy and integrating marketing strategies. Also about developing effective content, popular platforms, launching successful campaigns, managing the community, customer service and ect.

Qlikview Certification Training


Qlikview Certification Training will help you become an expert in Data Visualization with QlikView. Along the course, you will be transforming data into interactive charts and graphs using QlikView features like dashboards, system table, incremental load and object formatting. 

This course covers all the concepts of QlikView such as Data Interpretation, Designing, Modelling and then dives into advance features such as analyzing the data, discovering the hidden data and generating interactive graphs and charts.

Power BI Training and Certification

power bi

Power BI Training will help you achieve expertise in business analytics services provided by Microsoft. You’ll master the concepts about Power BI Desktop, Power BI DAX, SSRS, Power BI Q&A, Power BI Content packs, Power BI Custom Visuals, Power BI Integrations and Machine Learning in Power BI with Azure Integration. 

his course also enables you to learn about Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) and Data Visualization with Power BI Desktop, Power View and Power Map.

The Complete Guide To Branding For Small Businesses


Branding Masterclass : Learn The 5 Steps To Building Your Unique Brand From Ground Up.


You learn how to:

  • Have a clear blueprint to follow to create your successful brand which serves a specific type of target audience.
  • You will Have a solid understanding of consumers psychology and desires.
  • You will be able to create a brand with value, mission, purpose, and personality to bring more benefits to your customers and gain their loyalty.
  • You will be able to communicate your products and services visually.

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How to Brand Yourself and Your Business


Look More Professional, Eliminate Competition, Stand Out & Attract Attention, Opportunities & More of the Right Clients


You learn how to:

  • Identify the best brand positioning for you and your business, based on WHO you are and WHAT you bring to the business that’s unique and compelling
  • Ensure the brand you choose is one that attracts your ideal clients
  • Understand the difference between a brand and a brand name
  • Develop a meaningful and memorable brand name to represent your chosen brand platform or positioning
  • Know how to implement your brand across your entire business so you become known for it

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