Successful Negotiation: Master Your Negotiating Skills

Successful Negotiation

We covers everything you need to know about Successful Negotiation, from preparing and planning, getting past your own excuses and worries, opening the conversation, creating win-win situations, and closing the deal having got a brilliant price. We will show a lots of real life examples (some of which will definitely get you laughing) and gives practical tools you can use right away to get better results.

Coaching skills for managers

Coaching skills

By studying – Coaching skills for managers – course, you will learn how to assess when coaching is the appropriate development approach, how to engage someone in a coaching conversation, how to conduct a coaching conversation and how to effectively conclude a conversation and more. In addition, you will learn when coaching is not an appropriate approach, and when people might not to in a position to benefit from a coaching approach.

Essential Life Coaching Skills Certification

Life Coaching Skills

Our Life Coaching Course focuses on understanding how individuals think and create their ‘model of the world’, what beliefs empower them and what beliefs hold them back, what is important to them, what they dislike and what they love. Only then can we make sure that the strategies we put in place, along with the client, have the greatest chance of success.

Job, Interview, Resume/LinkedIn & Network Guide


We humbly recommend taking the entire course – Job, Interview, Resume/LinkedIn & Network Guide – in order as I have reverse engineered and analyzed the process of getting a job over the past 20+ years and I know that!  This comprehensive complete career course is 12 hours, contains more than 250 lectures, 67 easy to complete exercises and 29 templates/other downloads to help you get your dream job!

Navigate Diversity Course

Navigate Diversity

Do you have a team with which you have been working together for a long time, but is something constantly happening? How to behave in situations – when you need to maintain discipline, to be assertive and not to reduce productivity? Take our Navigate Diversity Course and find out how to find a balance! And you will know how to acknowledge differences, treat everyone with respect and know what to do when they’ve make a mistake.

Recruiter Training – Hire Top Employees in 30 days

recruiter training

Do you want to hire top candidates quickly? Are you interested in freeing up your schedule from recruiting to focus on other aspects of your job? Are you interested in turning your hiring efforts into an efficient, repeatable recruitment system? Learn how we cut our time-to-hire to under 30 days, while at the same time improving quality of hire in our easy Online Recruiter Training Course.

Conflict Management with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

This course – Conflict Management with Emotional Intelligence – is about proactively working together with others in ways that will help you to communicate more efficiently as you work with them to understand and work with differences that lead to conflict.  In addition, the skills, processes and tools taught in this course can bring value to other aspects of your life.