Designing a Technical Solution

Designing a Technical Solution

In this Designing a Technical Solution Course you will learn the process of turning ideas into technical solutions. Early learners often need to learn context and the big ideas of a process before diving into the advanced details, and that’s exactly what you’ll get in this course. By the end of the course, you will have a user-centered design, wireframes and specification for a web app, along with a front-end user interface built with HTML and CSS.

Successful website creation – everything you need to know

website creation

This Successful website creation course will help you determine the constructor language PHP, .Net and Java. We also discuss content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. What your hosting options are and how to select the best option for your business needs. How to pick the best host provider that will meet you site requirements. Picking a domain name is a difficult decision, we help you pick an effective domain name and how to weight your options.

User Experience Design Fundamentals

UX and design

In this dynamic course, you will go through the five critical elements (“planes”) of User Experience(UX) — strategyscopestructureskeleton and surface. As you learn you’ll be able to apply the knowledge Joe teaches in dynamic lab exercises — and later to your own work as a developer or designer. If you’re a developer who has to occasionally function as a designer as well, this course is for you. If you’re just starting out in the field of UX, or are a designer moving into a more complex digital world, you’r sin the right place.

Web Design Theory

Web Design

Web Design Theory and Best Practices teaches students how to make sure their web site is great. Every student, experienced or beginner, should take Web Design Theory and Best Practices, as it is designed to fill in the gaps in learning that normally take designers years to learn on their own, if they ever do.