Build Web APIs using ASP.NET

Web APIs

This course offers insight into the use of Web APIs using ASP.NET and C#. You’ll start with a review of client/server architectures and learn about data serialization and deserialization with JSON as the data format. You will then be introduced to REST and RESTful concepts with discussions on synchronous and asynchronous programming. The third module introduces you to ASP.NET Core and using Entity Framework for data access.

Create a Website from Scratch using HTML CSS step by step

 Create a Website

This Create a Website from Scratch Course is designed to be easy to follow along, its encouraged to practice the code being presented throughout the course. Resources, source code, and everything you need to learn to make websites is provided. Start with simple HTML structure as we explain how it integrates with CSS. This step by step course shows you the code you need to know to accomplish making websites.