10 main criteria when choosing a tutor!

The demand of tutors is very high today. And if there is a demand – there is a supply. Now you can choose among a huge amount of variants: professionals or beginners, recommended or booed, with sky-high prices and with budgetary pricing. How to choose a really good tutor in such variety? We propose you to use the following 10 criteria when choosing a tutor and you’ll surely make the right decision.
1. Experience.
The minimum experience in tutoring is 2-3 years for achieving good results. A good tutor is a skillful person, having developed his own methodology of teaching. And what is the most important – their methodology is effective – to fully justify the tutor’s work and flexible – to meet the needs and wishes of every client.

2. Positive feedback.
We all are lucky. The Internet is developing non-stop, and that gives us an opportunity to get any interesting for us information in a few minutes. Make a post in social networks, and let your friends and followers know you’re looking for a tutor. In this post, please, don’t forget to note what subject you want to learn, how many times a week you plan to meet with a tutor and other personal wishes concerning the tutor. Commenting your post your friends will surely recommend a few variants for consideration, and these variants will surely be well-tried. Besides, browsing the Internet you can search reviews about tutors at special web-sites. In any case bad tutor can’t have good reviews.

3. Certified specialist.
A diploma from the university, international diplomas or certificates – your potential tutor is to have at least one of these documents or all of them – every single document is a plus for them. Nobody wants to waste their money paying a layman, isn’t it? Among these 10 criteria this one appears to be the most important. The tutor is considered to know everything and even more in their sphere.

4. A person of motivation.
A really good tutor isn’t working like a robot – he or she is always inspired. Of course, they have an algorithm of conducting lessons, but at the same time they always use the personal approach with every client. Good tutor makes the material for studying interesting and fascinating, compliment in the right moment and explain everything what is not clear till the absolute understanding.

5. Price.
Sky-high prices are not always an indicator of quality. We can surely say that really good tutor can work for democratic prices, and not very professional tutor – for very high fees. Simply decide for yourself how much you are ready to pay for lessons and make it a basis when choosing the tutor.

6. Objective criticism.
The tutor is considered to always stay objective to point out the problem places, to suggest the development direction, to pay attention to the most important details. The objective criticism is an important part of studying and developing within a definite area.

7. The studying scheme.
A good tutor is to be aware of the latest methods in teaching, and to use the personal approach, taking into account your individual predispositions and concerns.

8. Personal traits.
It’s always a big pleasure when the tutor is not just a professional, but also a kind and positive person. The goodwill, openness, optimism – all these tutor’s traits of character are usually positioning you to them. And, when the general atmosphere of communication is positive it is easier to absorb the new information.

9. Punctuality.
Time is money, and that means that every minute of your lesson counts. If a tutor is late and doesn’t add those lost minutes in the end of the lesson it’s time to think of choosing another teacher.

10. Only in re.
During the lessons you are supposed to be passionate only about studying, the studying is to be your main focus. All your conversations with a tutor are to be only on studying, only in re. And when the lesson is over you are free to talk of any other things.

We hope these 10 main criteria of choosing a tutor will protect you from making mistakes, and from wasting your time and money.

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