Course – Strategic Planning Skills

Strategic planning 

Strategic Planning Skills is an organization’s process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy. This series will provide you with the skills for developing a clear understanding of your organization’s current and desired state, its operations and market position. Learn how to develop a mission and vision statement for your company, after gathering the information that influences your business, from operational data to assessing internal and external factors.

Understanding the Collaborators


Fundamental knowledge of how people work and interact together can make Collaborators exponentially more effective. This course is designed to give you a greater understanding of collaboration and ways it can be managed in business today. By understanding how people collaborate, you can best select technological tools to support those collaboration efforts across organizations.

PMP Certification Exam Training

Project Management

Project Management Professional (PMP)® is a global credential offered by PMI Inc. PMP® Certification is a globally recognized, rigorous, education and/or professional experience, and examination-based credential program. It helps one understand the global language of Project Management and connect with Project Management Professionals. PMP certified professionals earn a higher salary than those not certified.

ITIL Foundation Certification Training


ITIL Foundation is the Best Practice, Processes, Functions, definition of IT Service Management, what is service and how it brings value to customers, different type of customers and service providers, different stakeholders.

In this course, you will learn to define the concept of a service, and to comprehend and explain the concept of service management as a practice. On completion of this module, you have to take an exercise that would reinforce learning.

How to Build a Growth Team?


Growth isn’t about growth hacking. Effective Growth leaders know it’s about building, managing and leading a great_team.

You learn how to:

  • Build great team that will work without your control;
  • A framework for identifying and hiring a good growth person;
  • Apply growth specific management concepts to help you lead your team.

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Effectively Managing Employee Performance


Learn how to prevent performance problems, identify, counsel, and take action.


You learn how to:

  • manage and prevent performance problems through a number of strategies, from hiring the right candidate to delivering performance feedback;
  • identify performance problems and zoom in on their causes;
  • evaluate employee performance, and identify any performance issues.

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